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      I have had a most delightful drive, Trafford. Miss Chetwynde is a famous whip. I want you to send to London for a phaeton and pair for her.



      Captain Kincaid comes ambling back, and right here in the throat of Royal Street faces the command. The matter is explained to Madame Valcour by a stranger:She is lovely! exclaimed Lord Selvaine, softly. And she is as charming as she is beautiful. Such innocence andand freshness! I declare to you that if I were a marrying man, and, say, a trifle of twenty years younger, I should be in love with her. By Jove! I am in love with her as it is!

      The duke laughed and shook his white head.

      Why, you would get wet through with only your shirt-sleeves! she said.Oh, you are ridiculously, wickedly rich, she said. I dont know how to make you understand. Well, see here, dear, theres scarcely anything that you couldnt afford to buy.


      Lilias blushed.


      He rang the bell and ordered a vehicle, and in ten minutes was being driven to the station.


      Then it is settled! exclaimed Lady Wyndover. Oh! Im so happy! Fancy! Duchess of Belfayre! My dear child, you dont realize what it means! Youll be one of the leaders of society! One of the most powerful women in Londonand London is everything! With your money and his rank you can become a queen of society! Oh! I am so glad!How blind men are! Do you think that, with all her innocence, she is ignorant of the worth of a dukedom? No girl out of her teens can be. But I beg your pardon; I would not dispel the delusion.